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Shower Curtain or Shower Door?

So you don’t have the space for a separate shower enclosure and bath and have decided on a combined shower-bath. But should you go with a shower curtain, or choose a glass shower door or panels to enclose it? To help you make that decision, here are five benefits of each:

Shower Curtains

They soften surfaces – Great fabrics (waterproofed or backed with a water-resistant liner) can temper the overall look of a bathroom thanks to the beautiful floor-length curtain that runs the length of the bath. An added bonus is that the fabric section ca be washed at home

They add personality – Simply put, shower curtain can instantly inject a blast of color, print and personality. And as a bonus, when you get tired of the looks, the curtain can be replaced with a different style.

The change a tub into a shower-tub – Claw-foot tubs with a shower can be difficult to pull off. Glass panels are generally a no-go where curves and awkwardly shaped tubs are concerned. In this case, your best bet is to install a ceiling-mounted rail and finish with a shower curtain that can be swept all the way around the tub.

They “prettify” the room – If you like founce and fuss, then choosing a shower curtain is for you. It will “prettify” the room and make you want to stay there all day!

They can make a design modern – Some bathrooms are traditional in nature, but you want a more modern look. A shower curtain can be just what you need. A bold stripe or other geometric pattern can change things around very quickly.

Glass Doors and Panels

They give you full enclosure – There’s no fear of water escaping from the bath as you get full enclosure. Side panels of glass are also a good option where space is at a premium, as there are no hinges or pivoting doors.

They help you utilize tricky spaces – If you put a bath in an unused space like a nook or alcove, how do you cope with sloping ceilings? One option is a custom shower panel, which can get your around those recesses or angled ceilings.

They expand the space – A fixed panel of frameless glass looks the part in any style of bathroom, especially in a compact scheme where fuss-free lines and classic materials win out. This is the best option if your bathroom is compact and a curtain or glass door would break up the space and visually shrink your room.

They keep it simple – if you have a lot going on in the rest of the bathroom, then perhaps plain no-frills glass is the best solution.

They give you options – A shower curtain give you style of entry – you pull the curtain to one side to open and then pull it closed. With glass enclosures you have a choice of several types of entry. Besides a fixed panel of glass with an opening on one side, you can choose among various doors types – sliding, hinged and folding.

Houzz, Lara Sargent, September 9, 2020

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