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Why Are So Many People Moving this Year?

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Americans are definitely moving and for a variety of different reasons. The current pandemic has re-shaped our lifestyles and our needs. Spending extra time where we currently live is enabling many families to re-evaluate what home ownership means and what they find most important in a home.

Here are some of the top reasons people are considering where they live and making moves this yearWORKING FROM HOME


Remote work is becoming the new norm in 2020, and its continuing on longer than most initially expected. Many in the workforce today are discovering they don’t need to live close to the office anymore, and they can get more for their money if they move a little further outside the city limits. If you’ve tried to convert your guest room or your dining room into a home office with not much success, it might be time to find a larger home. Truth is, your current house may not be designed for this kind of space, making remote work and continued productivity very challenging.


With school starting, many districts are beginning the new academic year online. Education Week is tracking the reopening plans of schools across the country, and as of August 21st, 21 of the 25 largest school districts are choosing remote learning as their back-to-school instructional model.

With a need for a dedicated learning space, it may be time to find a larger home to provide your children with the same kind of quiet room to focus on their schoolwork, just like you likely need for your office work.


Staying healthy and active is a top priority for many Americans. With various levels of concern around the safety of returning to health clubs across the country, dreams of space for a home gym are growing stronger. Having room to maintain a healthy lifestyle at home – mentally and physically- may prompt you to consider a new place to live that includes space for at-home workouts.


Especially for those living in an apartment or a small townhouse, this is new priority for many as well. There are benefits to turning party of your backyard into a functional room – an outdoor space for play as well as entertaining or cooking. You may, however, not have the extra square footage today to have these designated areas – indoor or out.


If you’re clamoring for extra space to accommodate your family’s changing needs, making a move may be your best bet, especially while you can take advantage of today’s low mortgage rates. Low rates are making homes more affordable than they have been in years. It’s great time to get more home for your money, just when you need the extra space.

Are your families’ needs changing? Have you been trying to decide if now is the time to buy a new home? If so, give us a call. We can help you find the “just right” house that meets all your needs.

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