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4 Things to Do to Update Your Home Before You Sell

If you have a home of your own, you already know how to think like a buyer. You know buyers look for a home that’s structurally sound, with modern amenities and conveniences that fit their lifestyle. If you look at your home through a buyer’s eyes, you can anticipate what will appeal to their tastes and fill their needs. This sometimes means updating certain areas of your home to ensure it stands out in the market. Here are several things you can do to make your home more valuable to buyers:

Update the Kitchen

You may wish to resurface your kitchen cabinets in a lighter color to provide a brighter, more appealing look. New hardware on cabinets can also help to improve the general appearance of your kitchen. Simple home improvements, such as a new backsplash or faucet, can help to modernize your kitchen area without accumulating a great deal of construction expenses. Since kitchens see a lot of use, you may want to replace flooring to give the room a fresher look.

Freshen Up Bathrooms

Bathrooms also see a great deal of use in homes. Moisture and humidity can cause floors, ceilings and fixtures to look old and unattractive. A fresh coat of paint, a new vanity and better lighting can give the room a more modern look. Consider new shelving for grooming items, towels and other frequently used items.

Pay Attention to Your Home’s Exterior

Check that your siding, gutters and roofing are all in good condition to put your property in the best possible light for potential buyers. Prune trees and shrubs for a well maintained appearance, paying close attention to your front entryway. A fresh color on the door, a flowerbed or a new railing can help to make your home look more inviting.

Update Your Appliances

Buyers consider not only the cost of the property itself, but also how much it will cost to update appliances and critical home systems. If your HVAC is more than 15 years old, consider replacing it with a more efficient model that will help to save the new buyer money. Inspect your kitchen appliances for wear and tear; new appliances can reassure buyers that they won’t have to spend money on replacements in the near future.

If you think strategically about what will make your home most appealing to buyers, you can avoid unnecessary expenses and choose the improvements that create the greatest impact. Real estate experts find that these four features can make a home more desirable for prospective buyers and can garner a higher sale price and a faster closing.

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