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Landscaping Trends that are OUT!

Home decor styles and tastes change all the time. Even casual interior design fans can easily identify, with just a handful of clues, when a home’s signature style was last updated.

Decor fads don’t stop at the back door, either. Landscaping styles can also come and go as people’s tastes (and needs) change. And with the year we’ve all just had, a lot of our needs have moved more towards having outdoor spaces that feel like an escape. That’s why real estate pros predict we’ll soon be saying goodbye to these formerly popular landscaping choices. 

Outdoor spaces that can’t be enjoyed

Gone are the days where outdoor spaces were designed primarily to look at and had no function. Trends have shown that younger property owners want to utilize their outdoor space with particular interest in her gardens, water elements, reclaimed cobblestone gardens, and modern-looking outdoor furniture. No more ornament designs that you can’t relax in.  

Non-green greenery

Landscaping trends have gone the way of low maintenance and climate-friendly. Flowering plants such as hydrangeas and rhododendrons have fallen out of favor because they demand constant watering and maintenance. Homeowners are opting for native plants and pollinator gardens over anything that puts further strain on the planet’s natural resources.

High-maintenance gardens

This one is easy: high-maintenance gardens are OUT! We may be spending more of our days at home, but that doesn’t mean we have more time on our hands. Homeowners want landscaping options that don’t pile onto their already heavy workloads. 

It’s all about the “feel”

People are spending much more time at home these days – both for work and play. Homeowners are now looking for yards that work well with our lives: be it, a space to work from home or an occasional after-hour cocktail event with friends. Everyone wants a place that “feels” good rather than just having it look good. Comfort is key!

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