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Where to Spend and Save in your Living Room

Our living rooms are places we retreat to after a long day — a place to relax and unwind in, watch t.v. and maybe eat dinner. So it makes sense we want them to feel as special and comfy as possible.

However, if, like many of us, you’re on a budget, you’ll want to know where to put your hard-earned cash and where to be thrifty. Here are some suggestions:

Spend on: Quality Sofas

For most of us, a sofa is our key living room purchase and not worth scrimping on, the experts say.

A well-made sofa will last for years and can be recovered when you get bored of it. Cheap furniture is a false economy as you’ll be replacing it more often than not.

Also, don’t forget that a sofa’s main purpose is comfort – no one wants to sit on an uncomfortable sofa. More expensive sofas often have jointed hardwood frames, built to withstand heavy loads. Cheaper sofas may have plastic or softer pine frames. Pricier sofas will also have coil springs or serpentine (zig-zag) springs, for that “sitting on air” feeling.

It really isn’t worth saving money if a too small, too big or awkwardly shaped sofa ruins those cozy evenings spent curled up.

Save on: A Chic Coffee Table

Coffee tables are a staple piece of furniture in any living room, but definitely a place where you can save money. Cheaper tables or good replicas can be styled well with books, plants or other personal items.

Spend on: Beautiful Flooring

Flooring has one of the biggest impacts on your living room’s look, so it’s worth investing in getting it right. Flooring is often a big expense, and can be a big area to cover, plus it can be inconvenient moving furniture, so you don’t want to be changing flooring frequently.

Whether you go for a classic hardwood floor or carpet, choose flooring that is good quality, easy to clean and will stand the test of time.

If you have original hardwood floors, the same rules apply: spend on having them sanded, repaired and refinished by a professional, if you can afford it, for a finish you truly love.

Save on: Rugs

Once good rugs were investment buys that cost a fortune — and anything other than pure wool was regarded as synthetic and nasty.

Today, it’s far easier to find stylish designs that look more expensive than they are. With a little searching, you can find amazing, cheap rugs that come in a variety of sizes.

Spend on: Quality Lighting

Quality lighting is well worth investing in especially if you have high ceilings.

Lights are real standout features in a living room. If lighting looks expensive, it makes you feel the other items in the room are as well.

Spend money on the basics as well as the fixtures — ask an electrician to build in wall lights to avoid trailing wires. And plan a living room design that creates soft pools of light for a more relaxing evening ambience

.Save on: Cushions and Throws

Cushions and throws swiftly turn a plain room into a stylish, comfy retreat, but you don’t need to spend a fortune nowadays.

Plus keeping it budget friendly means you can things often and as you need, say if you’re feeling a different color for different seasons.

Spend on: Statement Piece

Living rooms are where we relax, but they’re also the places where we typically express our personality. Spend on something you love rather than wasting money on something you can easily replace. Buy an investment piece that has longevity. A unique piece can add color and stop things from feeling bland.

Save on: Eye-Catching Art

You don’t need to break the bank buying pricey limited editions or original paintings. You can find abstract prints online that don’t cost as much and once framed — look great.

Houzz | Cheryl Freedman | 2/19/22

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